Case Bell

Case Bell was born in Houston, Texas. His development in music began at a young age, banging on his older brother’s drum set when he wasn’t home. He later moved on to meet some friends who played guitar, and with him behind the drums they made tape recordings of long, sloppy garage jams. Early on in high school he took an interest in guitar and taught himself to play by “looking at tabs on the internet and imitating whatever classic rock guitarist I particularly liked at the time.” Later on he was driven to learn piano, and did so, taking a year’s worth of lessons in classical piano.

Case graduated from Stratford High School in 2003 and from Texas A&M in the Spring of 2007. When he began his time at A&M, he joined the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta and was introduced to Clint. When Nathan, whom Case had known from a young age, asked him to give bass a try and join them in playing for a party they threw, he made the transition and has been playing with Emory Quinn ever since.

“I really enjoy playing with a group of avid music lovers like myself, and we love to entertain, whether it be a large crowd, or an intimate bar gathering. I look forward to the future and the unfolding of our potential as a group.”