See You at the Next Light (2010)

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Emory Quinn is:
Clint Bracher - Vocals, Guitar
Nathan Rigney - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, Viola, Cello, Pedal Steel, Omnichord
Case Bell - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards

Additional Musicians:
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums
Melissa Ludwig - Vocals

All Lyrics Written by Clint Bracher
Music by Clint Bracher, Nathan Rigney, and Case Bell (BMI)

Produced by Chris Lieck
Co-Produced by Nathan Rigney

Engineered by Chris Lieck, Denato Arredondo, Adam Luna

String Arrangements by Nathan Rigney (BMI)

Recorded and Mixed at Chris Lieck Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Lieck for TEG

Emory Quinn would like to thank:
God, Our Families, The Starks, Ellen James, Caroline Lancaster, Mike Kelly, The Ragsdales and Pecos Flavors Winery, The Mooneys, "Ramber"

Song List:
1   Hand In Hand
2   Moving On
3   Heart In Mind
4   Finds Danger
5   Holes Through the Window
6   Tear Down the Walls
7   Be Here Now
8   When I Dream
9   Calling Your Name
10 Falling Down Again



Hand in Hand

You don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders
It's easy to see you've been looking for another way
You're too pretty for all of the bad things you told her
Things that had been, a ghost we would scare away.

Hand in hand
Hearts are breaking every day
Hand in hand we'll walk away

Some people like to spend all of their time on other things
Holding inside thoughts that will keep them bound in chains
Some like to go and change and they change in better ways
These are the ones who continue to make this a better place


Moving On

Well you can't stop running if you're gonna keep it all inside
You got another thing comin these days, there's no such thing as a free ride
Now there's fire on the water and it's burning every thing in sight
One way or another you can run but baby you can't hide

Now you're lying under cover while the other's going out tonight
Another bare foot summer everybody's out to let it ride
There's some girls on the corner looking for a better spot to slide
Forget your trouble pour a double 'cause tonight it's live free or die

Moving On
Keeps me moving these days
Keep moving on, or outta my way


Rolling down screaming out the music on the radio
Holding out for something better but what it is we just don't know
Living for the moment is strange it's got it's highs and lows
Honey we're still living thats why they call it rock n' roll


Heart In Mind

You're gonna find your way, it might be hard
You're gonna be ok, I promise you that
And love might get in the way, of a love you're supposed to find
Sometimes something comes your way, and you can't turn your back

It's a small reaction
Don't look and you will find
Stop making plans and let your
Heart in your Mind

Start pushing forward, start pushing it behind
There's nothing more than the whole world outside
And every moment is just a flash of light
Open the door and see what's in your mind


I felt so alive
Seems like all my life
What keeps knocking at my door
Don't try and help me
Just realize
What all of this is for


Finds Danger

Why did I let you go away
My heart on the line
Everything changes, I remain
Why did I let you go away

This picture reminds me of better days
What's been left behind
It's one of you, you're smiling face
This picture reminds me of better days

And I'm all alone
And I'm on the run
Any train I come upon finds danger

I think of the road in different ways
How straight does it wind
Where I am now I will not stay
I think of the road in different ways

And I'm all alone
And I'm on the run
Any place I come upon I'm a stranger

And I'm all alone
And I'm on the run
Any place I come upon finds danger

Holes Through the Windows

Oh boys he's coming back around
He already found his way back into town
Drunk again and always on the prowl
He did it once he'll probably do it now

And there's holes through the windows
Blood on the floor
And she's smiling, she's smiling
I pulled that trigger down, I pulled it for her
And I'm smiling, I'm smiling

Fill the air with headlights from a car
Main street now so he's not very far
Stop it now before it ever starts
He's the man who broke my baby's heart


Hear them now, they're knocking at my door
Now I know what I've been living for


Tear Down the Walls

Standing under a roof for cover
Lying in between you and the thunder
Feel the air you breathe
Then you might believe me now

This wasted morning I should have avoided
Two black eyes, a bloody nose
You look good in blue jeans
I like the way I see you now

One more mile
One more highway
One more time
To let my guard down
Roll the dice
Hop they roll my way
Let you inside
Tear down the walls

Take it now, thats all that we know
Falling for a skyrise queen
Knock down my door and then
You might get to see me now

Holding hands, flowers and pistols
Arms wide open, you are the one
Shake your hips again
Yeah, you move into me now


Be Here Now

Something different about this morning
I think I'll change my style
I don't know why I keep chasing everything I hate right now
Nothing better to do with all of this downtime I guess
Too much time to think about nothing
I keep coming back into this

I wonder if she ever would find out
If I lied to you would you still be here
If I lied to you would you still be here

I keep asking for conviction
Hammer to my head
I Keep asking for forgiveness
I can't help the things I said
Open arms and empty bottles, every single town
It sounds bad but I just have to get it off my chest right now


Raise a glass to all we've done here
You've been a really good friend
A hard time to dodge a bullet
Stop now the show will end
Bank hard when you hit the corner
Stay between the lines
Long lean and cool for certain
Certain things that cross my mind


When I Dream

So tell me why should I?
I'm not supposed to die in the summer rain
What could I do?
I waited so long for you
But you never came
You kept inside all of the things you should not hide
In the afternoon
These things don't die
They just run around your mind
Because your heart wants them to

When I dream I never sleep
So won't you take all my dreams from me

Another low blow
You left me so low
Did you finally find the scene?
But you can't barter a modern day martyr
When you think that you're the king
So I let my hair down
And you're coming back now
You know I can't believe
The ceiling's falling and you coming crawling
I think it's time to leave


Calling Your Name

Caroline there's something we should
I think I am falling into you
There's been times you know I could not see
Blinded by this cruel reality

Call you now, pick up your telephone
Miles away and I'm feeling all alone
Memories, moments, lips move but don't touch
These words between us only do so much

I've been down
I've hung my head in shame
Now I'm calling your name

Slowly up the stairs into your room
You always know when I will be there soon
When I leave you know just what you'll find
I'm coming back to you my Caroline


Falling Down Again

Another morning in a bathroom stall
Waiting out that long withdrawal
Down off pills and alcohol
What a pretty Monday morning

There's one up and playing on rewind
Darker hair and moon shaped eyes
Half full and shining bright
Over all the stars they're pouring

And I'm falling down again
If she saw me like this
I wonder if it'd make her change her mind?

Bombs are falling on the TV set
Welfare paying for your cigarettes
Are we doing what we will regret
Someone crying out what's coming

I can't believe what's on the radio
Nothing to listen to anymore
Ideas are falling and People are calling
But the right time could be coming


It's not the first time
It's not the last time
There's nothing you can do
Don't change a thing
Don't change a thing

Some live their lives up on a silver screen
Some live their lives just for one simple dream
The man who stands up for what he believes
Is calling out a warning

Humbly hear just what I say right now
I know we're gonna make it through somehow
I found love there's nothing more than that
And with her I am bound


Would it make her change her mind